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  • TUESDAY      9:30-10:15 am     Core and Fascial Connection-this is a mat based class that will focus on core engagement and the addition of curriculum to hydrate and nourish the fascial system. Great for tight hips and shoulders!

  • TUESDAY     10:30-11:15am     Balance and Strength-this class will teach you how to strengthen the muscles needed for great posture, and how to engage those necessary for improved balance.

  • THURSDAY   9:30-10:15am      Mat with Resistance-this is a total body workout that may include the use of bands, weights, sliders, tubing and a roller.

  • FRIDAY         11-11:45am         Mat with Resistance   

*(Mat with Resistance is also offered in-studio Tuesday at 12:30 pm)


Class sizes are limited to 8 participants in order to offer a safe and effective work out.

Class packages:

10 classes for $150 +gst


 3 classes per week (12 classes per month) for $149 + gst

*no time commitments-if you wish to cancel just notify us 2 days before you next payment is due.

To register please email

or call us at (204) 479-4628

Classes will take place via Zoom. Fees are payable by e-transfer. Registration is required 24 hours before the offered class time. Cancellations are required 4 hours before the beginning of class. New participants are required to complete a health questionnaire/waiver before participation in class.

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